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Parish Council News for Shroton Lines October 2017 Edition

Dog-Waste Bins
The Parish Council is minded to purchase 3 additional waste bins. The sites being considered for location of these bins are Bessells Lane – beside the new self-closing gate, Frog Lane beside the entrance to the Watermeadow and relocation of the bin by the Cricket Field entrance. This work is subject to approval from the local landowners and DCC Highways.

Moles on the Glebe
The necessity to deal with the mole infestation on the Glebe and in the Play Area will begin on 25 September 2017. Please be advised that Notices will be posted to advise on access to areas of the Glebe and the Play Area.

Traffic Calming measures in village
The Parish Council submitted the outcome of the community consultation on proposed traffic calming measures in and around the village to DCC Highways and the Community Highways Teams and anticipates a response to the community’s ideas in October 2017.

Village Flag Pole
The Parish Council is minded to consider the benefits/uses of a village flagpole. What do you think? Perhaps you have thoughts on this and would like to make them known? Contact the Parish Council or email

Government Consultation - Planning for the right homes in the right places
Please see the following link to a consultation, which is proposing a change to the way housing need, is assessed, among other things: The consultation closes at 11.45pm on 9 November 2017.

The Telephone Kiosk in Main Street
Is now the property of the Parish Council for use by the village? Contact the Parish Council or email with your ideas for its future use.
Lizzie Kingsbury Parish Clerk 22/09/17