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Notes on Recycling

The Dorset Council waste management system is currently facing various challenges for a variety of reasons.
One of the things we can do as residents of the Parish of Iwerne Courtney & Stepleton (including Shroton) to benefit the environment and help improve the efficiency of our local waste recycling processes is to ensure we are putting the right waste in the right bin.
For those of you who have access to the internet, go to:
which will give you a complete list.
There is a useful and clear leaflet at :
The message to pass on from the Dorset Council Waste Education team, in conjunction with the Right Stuff, Right Bin campaign, is, ‘if in doubt, chuck it out’ e.g. the black bin. This course of action will minimise contamination of otherwise recyclable material and minimise what waste ends up being incinerated.
I hope this helps you make the right decision next bin day.